Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply for Caregiver Jobs in USA

There are opportunities for caregiver jobs in USA for anyone who is interested and ready to work as elderly care giver in United States of America. Individuals and cooperate firms are in need of caregivers in various homes and healthcare outfits in USA. This is an opportunity for anyone who is willing to live and work in United States of America to apply to travel, live and work in America with visa sponsorship once employed.

Working as a caregiver is one of the most lucrative jobs anyone can do in USA and it does not require any professional skill or special kind of degree and this means anyone can do it with some of level of skill which we are going to explain in this article down the line.

Elder care giver jobs in USA pays well to workers or those who take up the job of taking care of the elderly ones in USA, and this job comes with different benefits as we are going to see as we proceed.


Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply for Caregiver Jobs in USA

If you are willing to relocate to the USA, one of the easiest ways to fulfil this dream is to get a job employment in America, and more importantly, get a job that comes with visa sponsorship.

Once you get a job in USA with visa sponsorship, your employer will take care of sponsoring your visa to USA. So, when looking for a job in USA, search for jobs with visa sponsorship such as Elderly care giver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship.


Elderly Care Jobs in USA

There are different kinds of care giving jobs including elderly care giving. People who are into this jobs are referred to as caregivers, and they see to a person’s (usually elderly person) social being while helping them with their daily living activities.

Elder care givers usually assist elderly people with certain health impairments relating to old age, mental disorder, disability etc. They help take care of these elderly people by way of managing their medications, talking to doctors or nurses on their behalf, assisting them with bathing, taking care of house chores among other assistance and care.

This is one job that does not require specific higher education training and qualification and it comes with a good pay.


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Elderly Care Jobs in the USA to Apply as a Foreigners

Home Health Aide

The jobs and responsibilities of Home Health Aides involves taking care of people with age-related health issues, disabilities, severe illness or medical conditions.

Home Health Aides provide care for their patients in their homes and may be required to work as part of a home care team.

Because elderly people in USA develop age-related health issues, you can apply for a Home Health aide job in the USA with visa sponsorship.

The job pays on average of about $30 to $49 per hour and $443,000 to $729,000 yearly to its workers.


Adult Protective Service Specialist

What is your job as Adult Protective Service Specialist?

Your job involves investigating the reports of elderly people who in one way or the other have been abused, while obtaining information and taking corrective measures to help exploited and disabled elders.

The job comes with average pay of about $24 to $40 per hour and $54,550 to $78, 149 yearly.


Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistants Job is one of the best elderly care jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. The role of a care assistant is to provide medical and physical support for elders, sick patients, and mentally disturbed patients.

Also, health care Assistants in USA usually work under home care agencies and there is no special educational requirement needed for the job asides from a high school diploma. These persons are paid a salary of about $12 to $19 hourly and $30,000 and $43,000 yearly.


Patient Advocate

The role of a patient advocate is to guarantee that patients are receiving the best medical care possible. They also ensure patients have good communication with medical experts, families, administrative staff, and health insurance companies.

As a patient advocate, you must detect issues, recommend suitable medical services and advice, and do other duties. Patient advocate are paid an average of about, $23 to $30 and $30,000 and more.


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Live In Caregiver for Elderly

As a Live-in caregiver, you can are required to provide physical and medical care for elders. The role of Live caregivers is to dress, bathe, groom, and feed their clients. You are also required to provide companionship for your client and administer drugs to them. Live-in caregiver are paid an average of about $30 to $50 and $79,000 and more.


How to Apply for an Elderly Care Job In USA with Visa Sponsorship – Best Guide

If you are interested in applying for caregiver jobs in USA, then here is a step by step guide to follow to apply successfully;

Ensure you have a good CV, a good formal, cover letter that awaken the interest of your potential employer

Go to job search websites such as salary.com, indeed.com or linkedin.com websites to search for the elderly care jobs in USA.

Once on the website, proceed to apply by sending in your application to the firm or company and wait for their response on your application.

When you are accepted and offered the caregiver job, you will be notified with the details including your payment and other important details.

With this, your new employer will get started with your visa sponsorship process and other process that will enable you move legally into USA to work there. Once they are done, you will be updated on how and when to move and relocate to America.


Requirements for Elderly Care Jobs In USA with Visa Sponsorship

The requirements for elderly care jobs is not demanding as that of professional jobs like nurses or doctors. The following requirements are needed;

To be accepted, you must have a high school diploma

You must have a significant job experience

You must have undergone CPR training.

You must have a very professional and friendly attitude.

Must have a very good interpersonal relationship skill.

The ability to pass a required TB test and physical examination.

You must have the willingness to work at flexible hours.

You must have the ability to read and speak English.

These are skills you must have to stand out and stand the chance of qualifying for the job of elderly care giver in America.


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Available Care Giver Jobs In USA

Job key points

Office: Personal Care Assistant (PCA)
Salary: $9 – $12 per hour
Academic qualification: Not required
Company: Just Home Care LLC
Location: 1106 Meridian St # 463, Anderson, IN 46016, United States
Phone: +1 765-393-3662

Your responsibilities

As a Personal Care and Assistant (PCA), your responsibilities include: assisting with personal care and basic food preparation such as bathing and grooming of babies, dressing babies, toileting, exercise, preparing meals, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and other errands.

Your benefits as a Caregiver

Outside your basic salary of between $9 and $12 per hour, your also entitled to:

401(k) matching
Vision insurance
Paid time off
Dental insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Referral program
Flexible schedule
COVID Test Every week
Bonus pay


Your schedules

As you are being paid hourly, you may decide on your schedules by choosing your preferred shift and when to work. You have the chances of choosing any of the following schedules:

8 hour shift
10 hour shift
12 hour shift
Day shift
Night shift
Monday to Friday
Weekend availability
On call

For More Information to Apply, visit the Following websites;

salary.com jobs

indeed.com jobs

linkedin.com jobs

Upon your application and acceptance for this job, your employer may help in assisting you with USA Visa application if you are applying from outside USA as a foreigner.

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