Canadian General Laborer Jobs: How To Apply

General Laborer Canada

Certainly, if you intend to work as a general laborer in Canada, you will find this article really useful! Without a question, Canada is a country with plenty of job openings. They also create a welcoming environment for foreign workers who come to Canada.

In this sense, you could be the next lucky person to fly to Canada and start a career as a general laborer.However, the money is excellent! Second, you will get the opportunity to meet new and nice individuals. You can still have relationships and friendships after that.

As a result, the purpose of this post is to assist you in completing a quick application. Not only will you learn about the prerequisites for immigrating to Canada, but you will also learn about the various avenues for general laborer immigration to Canada.


General laborers, first and foremost, undertake a variety of activities on building sites to assist with operations. Furthermore, they assist professional tradespeople in doing laboring tasks.

If you wish to work as a general laborer in Canada, you must know the Canadian NOC code for general laborers, which is 7612. 

Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery, air, heating conditioning systems, and refrigeration are some of your responsibilities as a general laborer. You will also be responsible for the repair and maintenance of transportation and heavy equipment, as well as the repair and installation of electrical lines and telecommunication.

General laborers are hired by a variety of manufacturing enterprises, as well as service and utility companies.

General laborer’s main responsibilities

It takes a lot of courage to come to Canada to work. As a result, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re up to the challenge by doing your job well. If you come to Canada as a general laborer, you will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • Assist in the splicing of underground and overhead power transmission lines, as well as communication cables.
  • Assist other workers with the repair, installation, and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Assist with the maintenance, repair, and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration heating systems.
  • Contribute to the upkeep and repair of fixed electric power distribution and generation equipment.
  • Assist with the repair, installation, and maintenance of elevators.
  • Transport tools, equipment, and other materials between work zones.
  • Set up, start, stop, assist, and modify processing machinery and equipment.
  • Repair plywood and manually or automatically assemble plywood panels and veneer.
  • Small engines, electrical appliances, and other related machinery are repaired.
  • Assist with the railway, airplane, vehicle trucks, motorbikes, buses, and heavy equipment electrical, mechanical, and body repairs.

Examples of General laborer jobs

In Canada, employment with the NOC number 7612 is classified as general laborers and other trades assistance. As a result, as a general laborer, you are entitled to immigrate to Canada.

The following are some employment examples for you:

  • Machine plywood patcher.
  • Fire equipment servicer helper
  • Furnace repairer helper
  • Construction equipment mechanic helper
  • Commercial air conditioning mechanic helper
  • Electrical mechanic helper
  • Compassman/woman – land surveying
  • Electric motor repairer helper
  • Engine fitter helper
  • Crawler track repairer helper
  • Diesel mechanic helper
  • Constructor helper -Elevator
  • Elevator mechanic helper
  • Diver helper
  • Factory maintenance mechanic helper
  • Cable splicer helper- Electrical work
  • Electric cable network installer helper
  • Field mechanic helper
  • Machine lumber sorter
  • Bumper straightener- Automobile
  • Body repairer helper – Automobile
  • Cable installation and repair helper – telecommunications
  • Automotive electrician helper
  • Automotive mechanic helper
  • Cable installer helper
  • Telecommunications Cable repairer helper
  • Gas meter repairer helper
  • Repairer helper- Cable
  • Cableman/woman helper
  • Chainman/woman – land surveying
  • Cable splicer helper
  • Aerial spraying assistant
  • Air conditioning mechanic helper
  • Aircraft mechanic helper
  • Instrument mechanic helper- Aircraft
  • Aerial spraying lineman/woman
  • Wire communications laborer and Electric power
  • Chemical process equipment mechanic helper

Requirements to work in Canada as a General laborer in Canada

In order to work as a general worker in Canada, you must meet certain requirements.

  • You must also have passed a language competence exam to demonstrate your ability to converse in Canada.
  • Physical strength
  • You must be more than 18 years of age.
  • A minimum degree of a high school diploma.

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a General Labourer

The Canadian government has indicated that there are many qualifications (both general and specific) for immigrating to Canada as a general laborer. As a result, we’ll be discussing them in the next.

    General Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a General laborer

    First and foremost, let’s go through the basic requirements for your immigration. These general prerequisites are undoubtedly crucial if you want to continue your profession in Canada. The following are the details:

    • Language requirements
    • Arranged employment
    • Age requirements
    • Employment experience
    • Education requirements

    Language requirements

    Above all, communication is essential in any organization. The official languages of Canada are French and English. For your immigration, you must be fluent in this language.
    As a result, you will be required to produce the results of a language competency test in order to demonstrate your abilities. These results will demonstrate that you are capable of speaking in Canada.

    Age requirement

    The fact that the minimum age to work in Canada is 18 is no longer news. As a result, you must be between the ages of 18 and 40 in order for your immigration to Canada as a worker to be accepted. As a result, keep in mind that you must not fall inside this range.

    Education requirement

    Surprisingly, the minimum educational qualification for immigrating to Canada as a general laborer is a high school diploma or a secondary school diploma. However, if you have a university degree, you will be more successful.

    Your CRS point for Express admission is influenced by your education. General laborers with a Ph.D. degree have a better probability of immigrating to Canada than those without. A Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree is also acceptable.

    Employment experience

    In addition, in order to immigrate to Canada as a general laborer, you must have worked for at least one year as a full-time worker, or 1560 hours or its equivalent (as a part-time worker).

    As a result, in order to immigrate to Canada, you must have prior experience.

    Arranged employment

    Before you may be granted immigration, you must first secure a job. Without a question, it is one of the most straightforward methods to enter Canada.

    Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a General laborer

    Some conditions, in particular, are unique to general laborers seeking to settle in Canada;

    • Firstly, on-the-job training is required for you to immigrate to Canada as a general laborer.
    • Secondly, your apprenticeship program must have lasted for about 1 to 3 years
    • Knowledge of working ethics and safety precaution.
    • Finally, critical thinking and analyzing skills.

    Immigrate to Canada as a general laborer via these methods

    Fortunately, there are a variety of options for you to come to Canada. However, you must select the optimum path for your application.

    • Occupation in-demand
    • Provincial nominee program
    • Quebec Experience Class
    • Express entry

    Occupation in-demand

    Without a doubt, if your general laborer expertise is in high demand in a certain province, you will be allowed to immigrate to Canada as a general worker. A general laborer who receives this job offer is typically well-educated and skilled.

    Provincial nominee program

    The provincial nominee program is also one of the various options to immigrate to Canada. As a result, if a province judges your talent to be beneficial to the economy’s development, you will be granted a visa to come to that province.
    The ideal CRS score for your immigration is unquestionably 1200. Surprisingly, submitting your provincial nomination certificate earns you 600 points when you apply.

    Quebec Experience Class

    If you want to work as a general laborer in Quebec, though. They provide the greatest immigration plan for you to immigrate to the United States. You must, however, demonstrate your ability to communicate in French.

    You will be granted immigration not only on the basis of your language skills but also on the basis of other educational qualifications.

    Express entry

    Express entry is one of the greatest ways for a general laborer to move to Canada. To begin, you must first create a profile. Then you’ll offer your information to be reviewed. You do, however, have three profile options to pick from. They really are;

    • Canada experience class
    • Federal skilled worker program
    • Federal skilled program

    Fundamental steps to immigrate to Canada as a General laborer

    Immigrating to Canada can be done in a variety of ways. The stages to becoming a General Laborer in Canada are as follows.

    Step 1: Determine whether or not you are eligible for Express admission. Calculating your CRS scores will almost certainly forecast your eligibility.

    Step 2: Secondly, make a registration in the Express Entry pool.

    Step 3: After that, keep checking to see if you’ve been invited to apply. Your application is successful if you are invited to apply. Congratulations!

    Step 4: Also, make preparations to register as your permanent resident.

    Step 5: Gather all of your documents and upload them. The documents you’ll need to prepare are listed below;

    • Evidence of work experience
    • Language proficiency test results.
    • Employment letter
    • Proof of identity
    • Application fee of CAD 


    Finally, workers who come to Canada as general laborers have had a lot of success. However, in order for your skill to be much more valuable, you must also obtain a university degree.

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