Belarus Immigration: What You Need to Know Before Travelling

If you are interested in Belarus immigration, whether for tourism, business, education, family or other reasons, here are some things you need to know before you plan your trip.

Belarus is also facing a political and humanitarian crisis and a border dispute with its EU neighbours over the influx of migrants.

Belarus Visa Requirements

You might require a visa to enter Belarus, depending on your nationality and the nature of your trip. There are several sorts of visas, including transit, short-term, and long-term. The Foreign Admissions Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at the National Airport Minsk. However, you can also apply for a visa at any of Belarus’ diplomatic missions, consular offices, or other locations.

A completed visa application form, a photo, a current passport, visa support documents (like an invitation letter, a hotel reservation, etc.), additional supporting documents (like proof of income, health insurance, etc.), and a consular fee are required to acquire a visa.

Some foreigners are not required to get a visa or can obtain one on arrival or online. Citizens of 76 countries, for example, can enter Belarus without a visa for up to 30 days if they arrive and exit through the National Airport Minsk. Some countries’ citizens can also obtain an electronic visa using a designated website for tourism or commercial purposes.

On the official website of Belarus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can verify your unique case’s visa restrictions and criteria.

Registration Requirements

If you enter Belarus with a visa or visa-free, you must register with the local authorities within ten days of arrival. You can do this online through a dedicated portal or in person at the internal affairs body’s citizenship and migration unit at your residence.

Registration is mandatory for all foreigners who stay in Belarus for more than 10 days, except those who dwell in hotels or other accommodation facilities that provide registration services.

If you fail to register or provide false information, you may face fines or deportation.

Border Crisis with The EU

The EU has accused Belarus of using the false promise of easy access to the EU to entice migrants to its territory from nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. The EU asserts that Belarus is attempting to exert pressure over the sanctions the EU placed on Belarus in June 2021 due to a disputed presidential election and a crackdown on demonstrators and opposition figures.

As a result, thousands of migrants are stranded along the Polish–Belarus border, suffering from bad weather and human rights violations. While some migrants have attempted to cross the border illegally or have applied for asylum in Poland or Lithuania, others have been flown back to their home countries by Belarusian authorities.

Both sides are accusing one another of breaking international law and breaching human rights as the situation has deteriorated into a diplomatic and humanitarian crisis. The EU has stationed military personnel and border patrol agents to fortify its eastern borders and stop additional crossings. Additionally, it has slapped new penalties against Belarus and provided the migrants with humanitarian supplies.

You should know the dangers and difficulties of crossing the border if you travel to Belarus or transit via its territory. Additionally, you should heed your local authorities’ advice and avoid any areas where demonstrations or violence may occur.


The Belarus immigration process is not simple. It necessitates thorough organization, preparation, and adherence to several norms and regulations. Potential risks and uncertainties are also present due to the ongoing political and border situation.

However, those interested in learning more about Belarus’ culture, history, nature, and people may also find possibilities and advantages through immigration. Visitors who respect the country’s laws and traditions will find Belarus a diverse and fascinating destination.

If you’re considering Belarus immigration, do your research first and speak with trustworthy sources of information. For additional information and help, speak with the closest embassy or consulate of Belarus.

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